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Prospective Career Students

Are you looking to get on career path that will insure your long-term financial well-being and employment stability?

Education is the key. But it is expensive. It takes too long. Your schedule is busy as is. BIR will help you to overcome these and other obstacles and enable you to secure critical career skills that will bring a decent job and employment security. BIR career programs are market driven, fast, and convenient. BIR will provide detailed funding guidance to ensure that the education is affordable for you.

Why BIR Training Center?


The key to job security and reaching your personal financial goals & dreams is having a solid skillset that employers demand. After years of research, BIR has identified 4 career tracks where educated professionals are in unparalleled demand. Each of these career tracks have been offered at BIR for years and hundreds of BIR graduates received jobs, achieved employment security and are now on the path to reaching their personal & professional dreams.


We will guide you through multiple funding options to insure that you can afford a BIR education.


If you are looking to acquire solid career skills, time is of the essence. You cannot afford to spend two to five years in school before starting to look for a job in a new field. BIR wants to empower you to re-enter the job market strong and secure solid employment in the speediest manner possible.


We work hard to make sure you will not only be able to afford BIR career programs, but also be able to fit BIR classes into your busy schedules. BIR offers classes in the morning, evening and on the weekend. All BIR locations are accessible by public transportation and have ample parking.