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Our English Language programs are designed to lead the language learner to fluency.

Founded 1993 in Chicago, IL

BIR培训中心成立于1993年,是针对成人的高等教育机构。自成立以来,BIR一直在不断扩大、发展和积累各种学术和职业领域的教育方案;目前我们拥有学术,考试,职场等多个英语培训体系。在过去20年来,BIR帮助数千名来自50多个国家的国际学生达成他们的目标。无论你是为了就读大学、继续深造、职场成功,或是用于社交、旅行,BIR皆有适合您的英语课程。 我们本着诚信、卓越和成功的理念,服务于每一个学生

BIR Training Center is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award certificates. Founded in 1912, ACICS accredits institutions that offer programs in a variety of fields. It is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). In December of 2016, the US Department of Education (USDE) made the decision to no longer recognize ACICS as an accreditor. Loss of ACICS recognition by USDE may have an adverse impact on our students. ACICS is currently appealing this decision and, on March 31, 2017, ACICS filed a motion for summary judgement in U.S. District Court. Even though ACICS is appealing the decision, BIR Training Center started the necessary steps to obtain accreditation through another agency.

NAFSA: 国际教育工作者协会,世界上最大的非盈利性专业协会,致力于国际教育。

Illinois Board of Higher Education: 伊利诺伊高等教育委员会,提供领导、资源和宣传的援助,使每个学生在教育和职场中获得成功。 217.782.2551.

托福育考试服务中心。目前世界上最大的私营非盈利教育考试评估机构,教育研究领域的领导者。 鉴定费英语为母语者的英语能力考试。

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